This exquisite and rare New Zealand Amber
was only discovered in 2014, found by pure chance
far underground at a depth of 150 metres. Its pristine
beauty was first exposed to the world when the
machinery a fortunate miner was operating broke down.
While being repaired he observed a miniscule gleam in
the coal face. Upon further investigation he unearthed
a small quantity of this unique Amber, not touched
by the outside air since its formation in the
Cretaceous and Tertiary Period, 30 to 70 million years ago.
Now, for the first time in eons, we can gaze upon and
appreciate the Amber’s unparalleled, pure beauty,
illuminating through an array of lights and colours.
Certified in 2016 by GIA as Amber.
Gemological Institute of America.
Neil Adcock is honoured to be the only jeweller in the
world working with this gem.
Care for your Amber Treasure: Like any gem, to be handled
with care. Amber can chip or break if knocked or dropped.
Enjoy your New Zealand Treasure.

Ancient New Zealand Kauri Copal (Kauri Gum) Rare and Very Special. Formed over 40,000 years ago, fossilised Kauri Gum connects the wearer to the ancient forests that graced the lands of New Zealand, where the majestic Kauri Trees could live for over 2000 years and was the unchallenged King. Each unique piece is one of a kind and designed by the artist to reveal its inner natural beauty, often containing swirls of nebulae like patterns visible through its translucent layers. Some of the old fissures, inclusions or air bubbles are visible, leaving hints of a journey that the gum has gone through, honouring its unique character and preserving its energetic resonance. The glorious colours range from crystal clear to white, red, orange, yellow, cream to almost black. Prized for its beauty and richness, this unique, rare and exquisite gem is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful natural treasures. Kauri Copal warms to the touch exuding a pleasant, calming fragrance radiating energies of peace and tranquility. Kauri gum resonates with the heart, helps to protect, balance, strengthen and inspire.

Care for your Kauri Copal (Kauri Gum) Treasure: Like any gem, handle it with care as it can chip or break if knocked or dropped. Avoid direct or prolonged exposure to heat or enclosed hot environments. Remove jewellery before showering, bathing and sport. Avoid applying perfume or lotions over your jewellery. In time Kauri Copal may become“crazed”, a network of fine lines about a millimetre deep. This can be remedied by rubbing wheatgerm oil into the surface crazes, rendering them nearly invisible. Enjoy Your Rare and Very Special New Zealand Treasure.

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